Alquézar is set in the heart of the Sierra de Guara mountain range. This means that, in addition to enjoying this magnificent medieval village there are one thousand and one adventures waiting for you…

Some suggestions:

Adventure sports: Alquézar is perched atop the Vero River Canyon, where a world-famous canoe descent takes places. In order to practice canoeing (suitable for the general public) and many other activities, we suggest you contact Guías Boira, who have kindly allowed us to use their photos in this section.
Cultural tours: The Sierra de Guara mountains boast prehistoric rock art sites, declared Cultural Heritage of Mankind, and the entire region is sprinkled with beautiful buildings featuring styles ranging from Romanesque to Baroque and stunning monumental sites. Museums and visitor centres, routes, restored monuments, guided tours and a wide range of scheduled activities and events allow visitors to choose from a broad cultural tourism offering. For further information, visit the Somontano Region Tourism website.
Wine tourism: The Somontano Region is famous for its Denomination of Origin wines. You can dedicate a day to visit one of its many wine cellars. For further information, visit enodestino.

Things to do:

  • Mountain bike, all-terrain bile, rock climbing, multi-adventure, paintball, gastronomic tours, hiking-trekking, horseback riding, via ferrata, quad biking.
  • Canyoneering: Anyone can practice this sport, as there are canyons and ravines for all levels.
  • Somontano Denomination of Origin wine tasting and visits to the impressive modernist wine cellars.
  • Fauna and flora observation workshops.
  • Hiking: Wide range of trails through the Sierra de Guara and Somontano region, which are clearly sign-posted. For the general public and different distances.
  • Alquézar Walkways route, Mesón de Sevil route, Chimiachas route.
  • Bird watching: The Sierra de Guara mountain range is a privileged setting for bird watching, especially birds of prey such as bearded vultures, royal eagles, Egyptian vultures and griffon vultures, among others.

Places of interest:

  • Alquézar, guided tour of the medieval village: main square, castle, collegiate church of St. Maria La Mayor, ethnological museum.
  • Vero River Cultural Park, visit to prehistoric rock art sites (Arpan, Mallata, Barfaluy, Chimiachas) and fauna and flora visitor centres.
  • Sierra de Guara and Canyons Natural Park: Vero River Lookout Point, Lecina Spring, ancient Kermes oak tree, Villacantal Bridge, Vero RiverPower Plant, Vera River Walkways Circuit, Basacol Natural Pool, Mascun River Valley.
  • Guara Sierra and Canyons Visitor Centre in Bierge, Colungo Prehistoric Rock Art Centre, Adahuesca Legend and Tradition Visitor Centre.
  • Colungo Prehistoric Rock Art Centre, Adahuesca Legend and Tradition Visitor Centre, Vero River Visitor Centre in Adahuesca.

Special events / Important dates.

Here are some important dates for our village. If your visit coincides with any of them, in addition to enjoying the magnificent architecture and breathtaking landscapes you can also actively participate in our traditions.

  • 6 January: Procession of the Magi. The Three Wise Men will visit our village loaded with presents for children from all the villages of the region.
  • 17 January: Local festivity of St. Antón. Eggs and fry-up at St. Antón Hermitage and mass with wine and sweet cakes.
  • 20 January: St. Fabian and St. Sebastian. Social gathering around a bonfire on the new street.
  • Easter: Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday processions.
  • 11 to 14 August: Festivity of St. Hipolito (major festivity).
  • 8 November: Festivities in honour of St. Nicostrato (small festivity).
  • 30 October: All Souls’ festivity. Includes a pumpkin workshop and trick-or-treating for children through the streets dressed in Halloween costumes. Chocolate party…